Great New Flavors from Froyo World!

April 25th, 2013 by FroyoWorld in News & Articles

Great New Flavors from Froyo World!

Original Article: by Ari –

With Spring finally in the air and hundreds of pre-frosh making their way to Wesleyan, Froyo World has added tons of new, delicious flavors to their repertoire! I went down to the Main Street yogurt bar to do some taste tests, and let me tell you, the results are positive! Here’s the lineup:

Original Tart- No explanation necessary. The no-fail flavor that all froyo-fans know and love.

Green Apple Tart- A light, refreshing yogurt with a sharp, green apple taste. It perfectly captures the tartness of the fruit while maintaining a creamy texture. I like mixing it with the original tart and covering it in fruit!

Dutch Chocolate- If you want to keep it simple, the Dutch Chocolate is a great option. It goes well with anything, be it another flavor of froyo, fruit, chocolate, cereal, or cookie dough.

Vanilla Bean- Like the chocolate, it’s hard to go wrong with this one. The vanilla taste is subtle but definitely present.

Graham Crackers & Cream- This is Froyo World’s flavor of the month. It’s amazingly authentic, and goes great with toppings like s’more clusters, graham crackers, and chocolate!

Toasty Marshmallow- Although it’s hard to capture the deliciousness of a marshmallow without the texture, this yogurt is as close as you can get. Mix it with Graham Crackers & Cream and Dutch Chocolate and top it with s’more clusters and marshmallow fluff for the ultimate s’more experience.

Samoa Cookie- As always, Froyo World proves their knack for authenticity with this one. It perfectly emphasizes the wonderful balance between coconut, caramel, vanilla, and chocolate flavoring that makes Samoa Cookies an American staple.

Cake Batter- One of Froyo World’s most popular flavors, Cake Batter is super sweet with a faint, cakey aftertaste. It’s a great base for crumb cake, brownies, cookie dough, and cereal.

Greek Black Cherry- This new flavor is one of the best frozen yogurts I ever tried. The texture is phenomenal. It’s thick and creamy without being too indulgent. The black cherry gives it a slight tartness, and it’s sweet enough to satisfy a craving without giving you an all day sugar high. I mixed it with original tart and topped it with fruit.

No Sugar Added Cheesecake- With only 80 calories per half-a-cup, the cheesecake flavor will be a definite hit for people trying to watch their calories. That being said, even non-dieters are sure to enjoy it’s rich, creamy cheesecake flavor. Top it with cheesecake bites, raspberries, and white chocolate chips for a real treat!

Sweet Pink Grapefruit Sorbet- Froyo World knows how to make a good sorbet. This refreshing flavor is sweet, tangy, and super delicious.

Fresh Coconut Sorbet- If you’re into coconut, you will love this flavor. It’s beyond authentic.

Needless to say, regardless of what kind of froyo experience you’re looking for, Froyo World will be able to fulfill your cravings! Definitely stop by this week and try one of their delicious new flavors, and let us know what you think!

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