Froyo World Grand Opening Middletown

September 19th, 2012 by FroyoWorld in News & Articles

Froyo World Grand Opening Middletown

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Whoa guys, what a day.

8 AM crew practice, two soccer games, a football game, and… oh yeah, FROYO WORLD’S GRAND OPENING. Say whaaaat! I hope all you Wesfolk got a chance to go check out the new store down on Main Street (and possibly even get a free T-shirt). You can bet Ari and I were there at 11 AM, devouring what was probably the most ridiculous post-row breakfast known to man. But hey, at least we tried to keep our toppings healthy. Look! I even put fruit on mine!

Overall, we’d say the opening was a huge success for both the owners and the Middletown community. Outside we saw families, couples, students, and businessmen lined up to enter this wonderland of frozen delight, listening to speeches by Froyo World owner Susan Santoro as well as Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, and getting pumped up by the Wes cheer team.

But let’s be serious; these people didn’t come for the gimmicks (although the event itself was extremely nice and well put together)! They were all anxiously awaiting a taste of the new flavor: cinnamon sugar cookies. And I don’t blame them; it ranks right up there with salted caramel pretzel if you ask me! Just combine the two and you’ve basically got heaven in a cup. I love the Christmas-y pop of cinnamon with the warm, savory depth of salty caramel. There’s just no surpassing it.

… Unless, of course, you add red velvet cupcake. Talk about decadence! No idea what I’m talking about? Get yourself down to Froyo World pronto.

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