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Several small changes could create a new experience for returning Soonerthon participants this Saturday. This year members of Soonerthon’s Executive team will be implementing small additions to the event to encourage fundraising the day of, according to Soonerthon Chair Emily DeSantis. The March eight SGA Undergraduate Student Congress meeting will consist of one act that, if passed, would expel several representatives from congress, and three resolutions regarding important issues on campus.The Oklahoma Daily

An OU Gaylord College student was recently elected to hold a national position in a public relations student organization.Petitioners across the state are in full campaign mode as they continue to gather signatures for OU President David Boren’s penny tax initiative.OU President David Boren announced a $3 million gift from the Chickasaw Nation today at the OU Board of Regents meeting.OU President David Boren released a statement on ex-Chesapeake CEO and longtime university donor Aubrey McClendon’s death Wednesday:Norman City Council candidates discussed flooding, an armored vehicle named “Bearcat” for the police department and the Norman Forward initiative at a forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters Monday night. The OU Board of Regents will meet at nine a.m. on Wednesday, March 9, at the OU Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City. Here are six of the topics on the agenda:An

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OU student will spend her time interning at the White House in Washington, D.C., this semester.A year after the SAE incident, some OU students continue to feel its lasting effects.OU secretly suspended one of the most secretive student organizations on campus last year and lifted its suspension after it worked with the university to reform its new-member program, The Daily has learned. Former OU student Alan Hruby pled guilty to three charges of first degree murder today for the shootings of his parents, John and Joy “Tinker” Hruby, and sister Katherine Hruby, in October 2014.A new crowdfunding platform has been launched for OU students and faculty to increase their success in raising money for projects that have the potential to impact the OU community.

Shy among strangers but revealing a bubbly presence around those who know her, pink-loving five year old Jalesa Asimba doesn’t immediately show outward signs of her struggles, even though her whole life has been just that: a struggle.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notified the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) this week that two Oklahoma residents have acquired the Zika virus from international travel, according to a press release. 

From ten a.m. to ten p.m., OU students will stay on their feet, dancing to fundraise for Soonerthon, OU’s annual dance marathon. Funds raised at Soonerthon will benefit the Oklahoma Children’s Hospital Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.


Coolgreens is getting closer to the opening of its Campus Corner location, but employees and potential customers have become frustrated with the long delay. 

A university vice president poked holes in OU Unheard’s follow-up report card, one year after the group issued a list of grievances highlighting a lack of diversity in the university.

After the university was rocked by the Sigma Alpha Epsilon incident, many changes have been made regarding the university’s approach to making the campus more diverse and inclusive since the creation of a special office that focuses on these issues.Students at OU have a new organization to engage in charity work for people around the world with Child’s Cup Full. OU President David Boren announced at today’s Board of Regents meeting that three major university donors have been inducted into the Seed Sower Society.Former OU student Alan Hruby will serve three consecutive life sentences in prison without parole after a judge accepted a plea deal to avoid the death penalty.An OU journalism alum and former editor of The Oklahoman has been named dean of the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication.Forgiveness. 

A new student organization is empowering college students to make the changes they want to see in their communities by teaching them how to conduct policy research and possibly write legislation.A professor spoke Monday on his research findings about Pakistanis’ views on drone strikes from the five weeks he spent in the Middle East over winter break.For all of their differences, presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle may be able to agree on one thing: reforming student loans.A

new poll released Monday shows Vermont Sen.

Bernie Sanders and businessman Donald Trump leading their respective parties in Oklahoma before Tuesday’s primary elections.
OU is undergoing a number of million-dollar construction projects despite a severe budget shortfall affecting a number of its sectors, and the sources for the funding come from a wide variety of origins.NORMAN — Police say they are investigating an allegation of sexual assault at Norman High School, according to NewsOK

Address: eight hundred sixty Van Vleet Oval 149A

Soonerthon two thousand sixteen

OU Prexy David Boren proclaimed two fiscal gifts to assistant with the structure of a new physics construction at the Marchland nine-spot OU Gameboard of Regents merging.The controversial firmness regarding Syrian refugees was stricken consume in the OU Undergrad Educatee Relation Tuesday dark. OKLAHOMA Metropolis — When it comes to first-time voters, Donald Horn is oftentimes viewed as more appearance than anything else.

Students took to Chirrup now to ruminate on end class’s SAE incidental with the hashtags #1YearLater and #StillUnheard.

The Academy Award-nominated film “Spotlight” will be screened on campus this Friday, giving the OU community a chance to see it before Monday’s award show.

Tom W. Boyd will be at OU next week to deliver his “Last Lecture” at the request of the Institute for the Study of Human Flourishing. 

OU Housing and Food has implemented a variety of changes in response to the petition started last semester after bugs were found in university-provided food.

Norman, OK seventy three thousand nineteen

In a report card released today, black student alliance OU Unheard criticized the university’s past homecoming for struggling to give the Black Student Association “substantial involvement” in the yearly event.

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — The Oklahoma House has adopted a resolution that asks voters to return a Ten Commandments monument to the Oklahoma Capitol grounds.

The Big Event is focusing on raising awareness this week in preparation for its April day of service.

This article was published Jan. 23, two thousand sixteen in the Huffington Post as part of the #OUCovers16 project and has been reformatted for the OU Daily. 

Husam Mohamad, a political science professor at the University of Central Oklahoma, will hold a lecture Tuesday, March 8, on Palestine and what the region may face in the future.

Presidential Primaries two thousand sixteen
Phone number: 405-325-3666

This year the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education and the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication won the Apple Distinguished Program Award for 2015-2017 for teachers and professors using Apple technology to create an innovative learning experience for students.

E-mail: dailynews@ou.edu

Oklahoma district attorneys would gain increased discretion to charge non-violent crimes as a misdemeanor rather than a felony under a bill approved by the Oklahoma House on Monday.

Leading Republican presidential candidate and business mogul Donald Trump’s campaign has made a second Oklahoma-related spelling error.

An international organization devoted to helping children with medical needs now has a chapter at OU.

Muslims from the Oklahoma City area gathered at the state capitol Friday to discuss how they can be more involved in their community.

Tuesday is the deadline for student veterans or spouses of veterans to apply for the Pat Tillman scholarship, and OU is guaranteed to have at least one recipient.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders only won four states on Super Tuesday, but his supporters are standing by his side despite his poor performance.

This article was published Jan. 23, two thousand sixteen in the Huffington Post as part of the #OUCovers16 project and has been reformatted for the OU Daily. 

OU President David Boren appointed Hans Butzer as interim dean of the OU College of Architecture Monday.

OKLAHOMA Metropolis (AP) — Oklahoma finance officials suffer proclaimed an extra $235 1000000 in cuts amid the decline in oil and gas prices, expression schools, prisons and over-the-counter country agencies volition get their budgets cut by 7 pct for the remainder of the class.The settlement condemnatory statements made by Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin volition be voted on Tuesday nighttime by the Undergrad Scholar Coitus.This clause was promulgated Jan. 23, two chiliad 16 in the Huffington Post as parting of the #OUCovers16 propose and has been reformatted for the OU Day-by-day. Quondam OU pupil Alan Hruby, who is veneer trey charges of offset point execution in the shootings of his fuss, forefather and teenage babe, bequeath shuffle a courtyard show at 1:30 p.m. nowadays in Duncan, Oklahoma. Cornell University president and OU fine-tune Elizabeth Garrett died late Sunday at the age of 50 two astern receiving treatment for colon cancer