ELFY’s Story

Lots of people know that the North Pole is the land of Santa Claus, narwhals, and frozen yogurt, but not everyone knows that we enjoy frozen yogurt today because of a little boy born in a small North Pole town called Froyo a long, long time ago.



ELFY grew up in Froyo with a loving family, and many brothers and sisters. When he was born, his parents had no idea what would be in store for their youngest son – but because he was born with a birthmark in the shape of a heart, they knew that he was special.

When ELFY was old enough, his parents told him the history of how the people of Froyo discovered frozen yogurt, and why it was a very important part of their delicious culture. ELFY tried every flavor, every topping, every dripping and every variety he could get his hands on. Every time he discovered a new favorite flavor, he put a swirl of it on top of his head so he could keep it forever.



ELFY grew to love frozen yogurt so much that he decided to share his favorite treat with everyone, everywhere. ELFY knew that he was meant to share it with the world because he believed in one simple truth: Everybody Loves Frozen Yogurt.